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HUNSTANTON Fieldwork ​​​​​​​

Year 10 have been to Hunstanton to collect fieldwork data on how different methods are used to protect the town against Longshore Drift and Coastal Erosion. This research will be used to produce a report. In Summer 2018 they will sit a skills examination based on their findings.

They all completed a beach transect at two locations (Old Hunstanton and “New” Hunstanton), measured beach elevation, identified the differences between Hard and Soft Engineering, measured sand height against groynes and completed a questionnaire. They used a range of equipment and learned the skills they will need to succeed in GCSE Geography.

The weather was warm and the tourists were out in force. A large number of other schools were in the area conducting similar studies. Year 10 did their best to sample several of the local delicacies such as fish and chips, sticks of rock and ice cream.