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  • Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire

    Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire for progress, we have calculated that our Progress 8 score is in the top 20% of scores nationally. To see the full report click here.  
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Nomination of Parent Governors

This is to let you know that we will be electing new parent governors this term to join the Local Advisory Board from January 2019. Our parent governors are very valuable members of the Local Advisory Board. We rely on them to help us to keep in touch with what parents are thinking.

Local Boards are responsible for a wide range of matters. Their duties include an overview of the school
budget, monitoring school effectiveness, preparation for OfSTED inspection/formulation of post-OfSTED
Action Plan and involvement in a variety of personnel and student issues. A school governor will be  supported in these duties by other experienced members of the Local Board, the Principal, the Head of Governance and the Executive Team at the Trust.

The Local Board works together as a group, meeting at least once a term. If you are thinking of standing as a
governor, remember that you will need to attend a minimum of three meetings a year, plus committee meetings and monitoring visits during the term. As a governor, you will normally hold office for a period of
four years, even if your child leaves the school during this time. You can, however, resign from the Local Board
at any time. The Local Board expects all new governors to attend training, complete a DBS clearance and  agree to the Governors’ Code of Conduct.

Parents from ethnic minorities, younger parents and people with disabilities are generally under represented
on school boards in the county. The school would like to encourage nominations from under represented
groups in our community.

Anyone who has parental responsibility for a student on the school roll at the time of the election can stand
for election and can vote in the election. Please find attached a copy of the Disqualification Regulations for
your information. Please ensure you read these before deciding whether to put yourself forward for nomination.

If you wish you can include a few details about yourself and why you would like to become a governor and
how you meet the following criteria:

  • Your commitment to undertake training and development to acquire or develop the skills to be an effective governor;
  • if seeking re-election, details of your contribution to the work of the Local Board during previous term of office; and
  • how you plan to contribute to the future work of the Local Board

This will then be circulated to all parents to help them decide who to vote for. You do not have to complete
this section, but if you don’t you may put yourself at a disadvantage if there is an election. An election will be
held if more nominations are received than the number of vacancies.

All nominations should be submitted on the attached Nomination Form and sent to Prince William School
addressed to Mrs C Byrne or alternatively emailed to by noon on 16
November 2018. Every nomination must be signed.

On 21 November 2018 we will send out ballot papers with the names of the candidates and their details. We
send the ballot forms home with the children so please watch out for the letter! Each parent will have one vote per vacancy regardless of the number of children you have in the school. The ballot is secret; you can send or post the ballot papers back in a sealed envelope, or drop it into the ballot box outside the school office. All the votes must be in by 30 November 2018 when they will be counted.

Please think about becoming a governor or encouraging others as we need committed parent governors.

If you would like to talk to one of the governors about any of these issues or what the work of the GB entails
please contact the school office who will ensure someone gets back to you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs E Dormor