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End of year letter

July 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

As the summer term draws to a close I would, on behalf of all staff at Prince William School, like to thank you for your continued support throughout this year and take a moment to reflect upon the exciting changes we have seen. 

The year has brought many rewards; improved exam results at GCSE and A Level last August started the year off well and were followed by the successful integration of 3 new year groups.  On top of which our brilliant students achieved sporting triumphs ranging from county rugby to international fencing victory.  This, and much more, has been found possible due to the persistence and hard work of students and staff to bring about improvements in our school, and we look forward to celebrating more success this coming August.

We have recently, and ahead of time, started the September 2016 curriculum timetable to ensure that students are focussed on their new courses and are fully prepared for September.  This has allowed us to invite our ‘new’ students to start with us early.   I have received lots of positive comments from new year 7 students and their parents about the successful start they have had to their time at Prince William School and the excellent experiences they have been a part of already.  They have quickly begun to make a positive contribution to the school and I would like to welcome them to our ‘family’.

Another success we can be proud of has been the introduction of our new uniform.  We regularly receive comments about how smart your children look and, although many of them will deny it, they take pride and satisfaction in their spruced up appearance.  That having been said, in recent weeks we have noticed a more relaxed attitude towards the usually high standards in dress.  We will continue to uphold these high standards and so, in preparation for next year, I would like to take a moment to reinforce some key messages about light grey school trousers rather than black, skirts of a proper length, ties that show the school logo and sturdy shoes that require polishing. Unfortunately a small minority of students are not currently meeting these high standards and we would expect for this to be rectified over the holidays and would, please, insist upon your support in this. For a detailed list and overview of expectations please visit our SCHOOL UNIFORM page.  I would like to stress the importance of this as we move into the next academic year as we continue to build on the fantastic way that we present ourselves in the local community.

It is at this time of year that we say goodbye and good luck to the staff who are leaving us. I would like to use this opportunity to thank them publicly, on your behalf, for all of their contributions made, both large and small, in helping us to achieve these successes and in their continuing support of your children. It is usually bad etiquette in such addresses to single out individuals however, in the case of one member of staff, it would be wrong not to!  Mr Snelling has been a permanent fixture for 41 years having lead the school in a variety of roles.  Thousands of people in the local community have benefitted from his hard work, dedication and care.  We would all like to wish him well in his much deserved retirement.

I am sure that the events of last Thursday have given us all pause to reflect on our community and our loved ones.  I arrived on the scene with other staff only 10 minutes after the accident and while there is much that could be said, all I want to do is reiterate how fantastic our students were in the way that they dealt with such a trying situation; students helped each other, comforted each other and dealt with the situation together with amazing composure and courage.  They were outstanding. I also want to extend our gratitude to the fantastic emergency services that arrived at the scene so quickly.  Finally, I want to tell you how wonderful PWS staff were in providing first aid, reassurance, support and comfort to students.  It is in difficult times that we see the best in people and that cannot be truer than in response to the incident last Thursday.

Unfortunately in recent days Mr Taitt has not been in school due to illness.  However, in the meantime, the rest of the senior team, supported by our trust, have been working to ensure all is in place for the next academic year.  The school term will end today, Wednesday 20 July, at 3:30 pm and students will return on Monday 5 September at 8:55 am.  We look forward to another exciting year with more building work due to start; plans and preparation for the new science block are well under way, with the intention that this will be completed by September 2017, with the rest of the building work completed by September 2018.

It only remains for me to wish a relaxing break to those of you who are able to get away over the holiday and bid you, and your children all, a safe and sunny summer.


Kind regards

Steve Harvey