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Students Take Part in Sky Sports Living for Sport Program

Prince William School were delighted to welcome London 2012 star Alastair Patrick Heselton to the school as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport program.  Organised by Northamptonshire Sport – Corby, Oundle and Thrapston School Sports Partnership the day saw 16 Young Leaders and BTEC students work with Alastair on the 6 keys to success.

The six keys to success the students worked on were:

  1. Mental toughness
  2. Hunger to achieve
  3. People skills
  4. Sports and life knowledge
  5. Breaking barriers
  6. Planning for success

The six keys to success are designed to help young people develop valuable life skills that will help them in and outside of school, now and into the future.

Matthew Peleszok, School Sports Manager said of the day, ‘It was a fantastic day, brilliantly organised by Sky Sports and the students really engaged with all the activities. They had a lot of fun looking at ways that they can improve themselves as individuals and as students.  By the end of the day, the Year 9 and Year 11 students interacted with one another and were able to deliver a high quality festival after school.  Locally the Corby, Oundle and Thrapston School Games has seen over 1500 children represent their school so far this academic year.  We aim to beat lasts years figure of 6500 children attending either a competition, a leadership opportunity or a Change 4 Life Sports Club locally delivered by Northamptonshire Sport in the 2016-17 Academic Year’

After working with Alastair for the day, the students delivered a KS2 Sports hall athletics to 19 teams at Prince William School. They used the skills that they have learnt through their time at the school but also the skills that were developed throughout the day.  The leaders supported the students from local schools on a carousel of activities including Standing Long Jump, Target Throw, Speed Bounce, Chest Push and Shuttle run.  These activities offered a balance of running, jumping and throwing to look for the most rounded athletes.


Matthew Peleszok
Schools Sports Manager,
Northamptonshire Sport - Corby, Oundle and Thrapston