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  • Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire

    Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire for progress, we have calculated that our Progress 8 score is in the top 20% of scores nationally. To see the full report click here.  
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Prince William School

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Post-Ofsted Letter to parents



Wednesday 13 December 2017

Dear Parents, carers and students

I am writing to you on behalf of the EMLC Academy Trust, to reflect on the outcomes of the recent Ofsted inspection, which judges that Prince William School requires improvement. It is a detailed and balanced report that accurately describes what the School needs to do next in order to improve, as well highlighting a number of strengths.

Whilst we are disappointed that standards have not improved enough since the School was sponsored by the Trust in 2015, inspectors were clear that the Trust, local governors and leaders understand what we need to do to improve further. Together we are beginning to recover the performance of Prince William, with clear signs of delivering results.
Nevertheless, despite steadily improving overall outcomes, and progress that is well-above average for students at GCSE, some groups have been left behind, and this is a priority for improvement.

The Trust is determined to build upon these improving relationships and this, alongside the high quality appointment of Mrs Dormor as principal, is beginning to have a strong impact.
Since her appointment, Inspectors found that Mrs Dormor is gaining the confidence of the wider school community and the school is now taking effective action to bring about further improvements. As a consequence, we believe that Prince William is now entering a phase of stability, that will increase the rate of improvement, providing staff, students and parents with clarity about the direction of the school.

It is important that leadership is equally effective at all levels, and the Trust welcomes an external review of governance so that Mrs Dormor and her staff are well supported in the future. The school will be sharing the post-Ofsted action plan with the community. Our plans for the future will ensure that we build upon the enthusiastic commitment of staff that was identified as a strength by inspectors.

Our students and parents are deserving of a good school - we share this ambition and we are confident that we will get there quickly.

Yours sincerely

Mike Lavelle
Director of Education
EMLC Academy Trust