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  • Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire

    Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire for progress, we have calculated that our Progress 8 score is in the top 20% of scores nationally. To see the full report click here.  
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100 Club & Willing Helpers list

What is it?     A quick and simple way to support the P & F A.

What does it cost?     The joining fee is £12 for one year.

How does it work?     Once you have paid your £12 you are given a number. This number is then entered into 12 draws running through to September 2017.

How is the £12 fee used?     For each £1 raised, 50p goes to Association funds, 25p goes to the 1st prize, 15p to the 2nd prize and 10p to the 3rd prize.

To simplify this and based on one hundred members, 1st prize would be £25,

2nd £15 and 3rd £10.

How can I join?     Fill in the form below and return to the Finance Officer.

Last year we had an increase in our sign up to 66 members.  It would be amazing to get to 100 it’s a small number in a school the size of PWS.  Please help us to have many more this year -- the more members the more funds and prize money.

Cheques should be made payable to:  Prince William School P&FA