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Industrial action

I am sure you will be aware from the media that the National Union of Teachers have declared strike action which will take place on Tuesday 5 July 2016.


It is important to understand that the action has nothing to do with Prince William School, but is a
national dispute between the Union and the Government.

I have been made aware of a number of colleagues who may be taking industrial action. We have looked at the school timetable for that day and in doing so have tried to balance the issues of the safe supervision of students, given reduced staffing levels, and the need to secure the continuing education of students.

It is illegal for the school to use supply teachers or non-striking teachers to cover the work of colleagues absent due to the strike, and so the challenge to maintain a normal school day is significant.

After working hard to organise provision and a safe environment where students may be supervised if they are affected for one or two of their lessons, the school will remain open to year 11 and year 13 only and they will continue to follow their new timetable. Year 12 induction will continue, but with amendments where required.

School transport will still operate as normal. Please remember, with students are now classed as being in their next year of studies. I.e. Year 10 students are classed as year 11 students from 4 July 2016.

My guiding principles are firstly, we must ensure the safety of our students. Secondly, it is better to have as many students as possible in school accessing most of their lessons rather than accessing none if they are at home. If there is any change in circumstances I will inform you immediately via letter and through the website.

We must all hope that the issues over which the industrial action has arisen are resolved as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support.

Mr M Taitt