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Students will learn about the importance of market research and undertake their own market research in their controlled assessment. They will look at the importance of advertising and the ‘marketing mix, which ensures businesses meet the needs of its customers. Students will look at the recruitment process and how businesses spend time selecting the right candidate for a position.

For the finance unit, students will be able to complete cash flow forecasts, profit and loss calculations, along with breakeven calculations. There will be investigations into external sources of finance and students will become familiar with banks loans and interest charges. Students will also learn about the economy and how businesses are affected by environmental issues, exchange rates and taxes and how supply and demand changes can impact business operations. The subject is not just delivered through desk research, the dynamics of the business world will be investigated and real business examples will be explored and used in lessons.

Skills Taught:

Any career in business requires individuals to have good numeracy and literacy skills, and these are developed throughout the course. Confidence is also key, so the ability to present in front of an audience is also developed and encouraged.


Students will take two externally set examinations, Unit 1, Introduction to Small Business and Unit 3, Building a Business worth 25% and 50% respectively at the end of the two year course. The externally assessed controlled assessment, Unit 2, “Investigating Small Business” makes up the other 25% of the marks and is based upon researching a business.





Students will develop their knowledge of business operations, they will look into to enterprise and see how businesses ‘start up’ their operations. They will become familiar with successful entrepreneur’s qualities and explore how they have become successful. Students will learn how to complete financial accounts and complete cash flow forecast, profit and loss calculations and breakeven calculations. Students will also learn about promotion and branding and how businesses rely on these to become a recognised global brand. Students will then learn about the importance of customer service and the benefits this can bring to a business.

Students will be investigating real businesses and have the opportunity to complete assignments through practical tasks along with written assignments.

Skills Taught:

Any career in business requires individuals to have good numeracy and literacy skills, and these are developed throughout the course. Confidence is also key, so the ability to present in front of an audience is also developed and encouraged.


Coursework assignments and one external online test will be taken at the end of Year 10. On successful completion of the First Award, students gain a qualification that is the equivalent of one GCSE at grades A*-C. For students who successfully complete all units, they will be awarded a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction* dependent on the outcome of their assessed work. Some students may have the option to complete the First Certificate which is equivalent to 2 GCSEs.





A Level Business Studies is an enjoyable and rewarding course. It is suitable for students who have a lively and enquiring mind and a willingness to explore new ideas. The course aims to provide knowledge and understanding of business activity and also to develop useful skills for higher education or employment. The course focuses on the dynamic nature of the contemporary business works, provides the opportunity to research into topical business issues, explore real business situations and the practical application of business concepts and look at the role of entrepreneurs in society.

In the AS Course students will look at marketing and meeting the needs of customers. Students look at entrepreneurs and successful leadership qualities. Students then go on to look at managing business activities, raising finance, financial planning. Students also investigate external influences which affect a business. In the A2 Course students will look at the global aspects of business and research international businesses and investigate the impacts of global operations, expansion and global marketing. This is a great unit to broaden students’ knowledge of the wider world of business and look at how multinational firms such as GSK, Unilever and Alibaba are dominating markets. Students will also be able to investigate business growth and how objectives are planned.

AS Theme 1: Marketing and People - Marketing Mix, managing people, meeting customer needs and leadership qualities
AS Theme2: Managing a Business - Raising finance, managing finance, resource management, external Influences
A2 Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy – Business objectives and strategy, business growth, decision making techniques, assessing competitiveness and managing change
A2 Theme 4: Global Business – Globalisation, global marketing, business expansion, global industries

Entry Requirements:

A minimum of five GCSE passes graded at A*-C are required. We will be especially interested in your grades for English and, where applicable, GCSE Business Studies. You will need to have achieved B grade in Business Studies or English. If you are able to achieve these standards you will be considered for the course.


In order to prepare appropriately for classroom learning it is expected that all students will familiarise themselves with the business world and read newspapers and business publications and completed the summer homework tasks. Students will need to purchase core texts that will cover AS and A2 study. Moreover, and so as to better consolidate classroom learning independently, students will also be expected carry out prior reading of the topics before the classroom and to add to class notes, building on arguments and developing more in depth knowledge of key theories.

Extra-Curricular Activities/Independent Learning Opportunities:

There are lots of opportunities for students to meet with local business people and visit businesses to see them in action. Opportunity to attend The Perse School Cambridge Enterprise Conference. The annual BASE Competition. Visits to Jaguar Land Rover to look at production and manufacturing, Coca Cola to look at their production and Alton Towers to have an insight into their marketing. Previous residential visits have included New York and Rome.

Career Pathways:

Studying Business Studies at A level can lead to a career in: Marketing, Management, Finance, HR, Accounting and Law.
Good combinations of other subject to study with Business Studies are: ICT, Phycology, Mathematics and a Language.

Student Testimonials:

“I’ve studied Business Studies since GCSE. I have enjoyed learning about the different techniques businesses use in all aspects. I have found that it links very strongly to the outside world of business and has been very useful when getting a job. I have also enjoyed putting what I have learnt into context of different businesses and evaluating different techniques that they could use. I have learnt essay writing skills and developed my analytical writing skills which have also helped me in my other subjects.”

“I hadn’t previously taken Business studies at GCSE, but following other peoples positive feedback from the subject; I wanted to take it at A level. I was thrilled at the opportunity and have enjoyed studying business. My favourite aspect of it is being able to understand how a real business operates, and presenting it to my class. Business studies have given me many opportunities to educational visits which make Business studies even more enjoyable. I like being able to learn about the marketing mix, which also ties in with my other subjects. This year, Business studies are about applying my knowledge to current affairs in China. This fascinates me as China is one of the dominating countries for business.”