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Prince William School


  • An understanding of Chemistry and Chemical processes underpin all that we do. It allows us to explain everything from the composition of stars to the processes of life touching on a myriad of everyday items, such as your mobile phone battery, preventing corrosion in your car and making the next great breakthrough in drug discovery. The specification places a particular emphasis on the development of practical skills and chemical literacy and there are twelve required practicals that all students must conduct and write up over the course of the two years.
  • Exam structure / weightings

There are three papers that pupils will take Fundamentals of Chemistry worth 40%, Scientific literacy worth 37% and Practical skills examination worth 22%.

  • Career Opportunities

Chemical industry, medical degrees, dentistry, etc.


Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Year 12

Elements of Life

Elements of Life     Developing Fuels

Developing Fuels Elements from the Sea

What’s in a medicine

The Ozone Story

Year 13

The Chemical Industry

Polymers and Life

The Oceans Developing metals

Colour by design


Please click this link to view the full course specification.