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Prince William School

KS3 Curriculum

The study of History at Key Stage 3 provides our students with the opportunity to experience over a thousand years of life in all its variety. They will learn about both ordinary people and extra-ordinary events; through lessons that are varied and interesting. Students will develop skills in handling historical sources and in expressing their views in written answers, considering argument and explanation. They will be encouraged to discuss and debate. The purpose of History at Key Stage 3 is not simply to know facts but to search for meaning in those facts and to develop skills that will be valuable in the future.



Cycle  1

Cycle 2   

Cycle 3

Cycle 4  

Cycle 5 

Cycle 6  

Year 7


The Conquest of England 1066 and battle of Hastings, The Conquest and the Normans

The Development of Church and state in Medieval England

Life in the Middle Ages Medieval towns and villages

Early Modern monarchs and the Crown v the Church

The Early Tudors

Edward Vi and the Church

Lady Jane Grey

Bloody Mary

Elizabeth I

Year 8


The development of church, state and society 1603-1649

The Stuarts

The development of church, state and society 1649-45

Slavery and Empire

The Empire

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution 1745-1901

Conditions in towns Factories Workhouses

Victorian England

Year 9

The First World War

Inter-war Europe

World War 2 Challenges for Britian

Impact of World War 2

Conflict in the East

Conflict in the East