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Prince William School



Mathematics is an amazing subject that encompasses more than just numbers, it involves pattern and structure; it is about logical analysis, deduction and calculation within these patterns and structures.

Learning mathematics is more than just following a method or process, it is key within everyday life, from journey planning, to many decisions made in the world of business and in the creation of the remarkable structures and buildings we view today.  Mathematics underpins the world around us, in the workplace using maths is unavoidable, it is both fundamental and functional!

Mathematics at Prince William School aims to develop a growing confidence and overall enjoyment of each student’s pathway, running parallel to this we aim to ensure students reach their full potential and to be successful in their careers.

The Mathematics Department are a dedicated and hardworking team, who really enjoy mathematics and really enjoy teaching. Our fundamental beliefs are that with hard work, resilience and a healthy sense of humour, everyone can succeed!