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Prince William School


To create an innovative learning environment which has all staff and students learning, developing and delivers the highest of expectations from ourselves and from each other.

“Dar‚Äče to Dream”


Our vision statement highlights the importance we place on Prince William School being an establishment driven to give everyone amazing learning experiences, with the main focus on progress, success and reaching beyond what would be expected.



o ceiling on expectations
Regardless of a student’s barriers to learning or gifts and talents, we do not set limits to a student’s potential


utstanding outcomes and aspirations, celebrating when we succeed.
Good is not good enough. We relentlessly demand the need to achieve outstanding outcomes, behaviours and ways of working, celebrating and recognising successes along the way


e the best school in Northamptonshire and beyond
The need to be the first choice of student from our community and extended community and a place where staff want to come and work


earning expected from all
Whether as a student or a member of staff, the first and ultimate priority is to learn and to keep on learning.


xciting experiences to remember for a lifetime
We remember we are developing and shaping young adults who need to be life-long learners and have fond memories of learning.