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Prince William School

2016 Results

2016 GCSE results

Prince William School students achieved another set of excellent exams results seeing a rise in attainment for a third year in a row.  The results put us in the top 20 schools in Northamptonshire.

At PWS 82% of students achieved an A*-C in English and 70% an A*-C in Maths, with 68% of our students achieving an A*-C in both subjects, this is now the new national measure and our students are achieving above the national average. This places us joint 11th out of all schools in Northamptonshire.

The Government are also introducing new measures to assess how much progress all students make, a score known as Progress 8.  A score of 0 would mean students had come in at Key stage 2 and made the average progress expected. 

This means that students at Prince William are obtaining results at the national average.  This progress score puts us in the top 15 schools in Northamptonshire for progress.

Detailed breakdown of results can be found on the document on this page.

Headline figures 2016 Key Stage 4:


English Baccalaureate

20% of our students achieved the Ebac, compared with the national average of 23%.

Progress 8


   Progress 8 score


   Progress 8 lower confidence interval


   Progress 8 upper confidence interval


   Number of pupils included in the Progress 8 score


   % of pupils included in the Progress 8 score


Attainment 8


   Average attainment 8 score per pupil


Progress 8 element breakdown






   English Baccalaureate element


   Open element


Attainment 8 element breakdown






   English Baccalaureate element


   Open element


   Open element - GCSE only


   Open element – Non-GCSE only


Key stage 5:

Many student had already received unconditional offers for University and students went off to study a range of subjects from Business to Law to Biology at a range of universities, including the top universities which form part of the Russell Group.

Students at Prince William achieved grades roughly in-line with the national average for both attainment and progress, and above those within Northamptonshire with 40% of all grades be an A*-B and over 70% being A*-C. 

Prince William compared to Northamptonshire and National Average for the average grade achieved by students:

Progress made by students from GCSE to A Level.


A link to the DFE league tables website for Prince William School can be found here:

A link for the DFE league tables for Prince William School can be found here: