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Prince William School



The English Department at Prince William School is dedicated to four related undertakings: surveying and evaluating the diverse range of texts in the English language; researching and teaching the rich and varied history of that language; nurturing exceptional creative, as well as critical, writing; and studying texts in relation to wider cultural expression.

We are lucky enough to have a vibrant, successful and experienced team of teaching staff who lead lessons with enthusiasm and creativity while ensuring consistently high standards and outcomes.  Our mission as educators is to enable students to become the finest readers and writers of literary texts that they can be. This is because those texts, in their boundless variety, find their focus in our fellow citizens, our histories, and our cultures and this leads us in aspiring to equip our students with the skills to read from a global perspective and reflect upon such study sensitively, creatively and with shrewd judgment and care. 

Our students have very positive experiences in their English lessons and feel challenged, they are confident that we always have their progress and future success in mind as we seek to foster a lifelong love of learning through the study and appreciation of language and literature.