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  • Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire

    Prince William School rated as 7th best in Northamptonshire for progress, we have calculated that our Progress 8 score is in the top 20% of scores nationally. To see the full report click here.  
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Prince William School



At Prince William School, we offer a wide range of activities to cater for all students. Enrichment helps students develop their interests and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences outside of their curriculum studies, and promotes independence and interpersonal skills.

The enrichment programme is a popular platform from which subject areas can engage their pupils in the wider community and teach important life-skills. Teaching life-skills and character has always been one of the forefront objectives at Prince William School, but often these skills are forgotten about amid the quantitative measures of academic performance.

Enrichment covers a wide range of activities and learning experiences that students can choose to follow beyond their academic pursuits and the everyday requirements of their life at Prince William School.  And now, more than ever, developing a thriving enrichment programme is an essential part of promoting employability, academic attainment and teaching our students the skills they need to make good choices. These skills have benefits that extend well beyond the classroom as developing pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths will allow them to succeed in education, work and society

At Prince William School, we offer a wide range of activities to all students from all year groups.  Clubs and activities take place at lunchtime and some after school, incorporating interests such as Hockey, Rugby, Trampoline, Fitness Suite, Fencing, Further Maths and Debate Club.

There are a wide range of team and individual sports to choose from. Our students compete against local schools as well as in regional and national tournaments. We offer the Community Sports Leadership Award in Year 12.

Music is vibrant at Prince William School, students can join the choir, the orchestra, string, woodwind and brass ensembles.  Students can take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students often support a number of charities including Jeans for Genes and Red Nose Day. Fundraising provides an opportunity for students to have fun and work with peers.  

Students are also given opportunities to visit amazing places as part of the Enrichment Programme. Recent trips have included visits to London Theatres, Ski Trips to Italy and the USA, Science Live, the Battlefields of Northern France and journeys much further afield such as Iceland and South Africa. 

The Enrichment Programme will be updated at the beginning of every term and students are encouraged to attend.