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Prince William School

KS4 Curriculum


Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Cycle 6

Year 10

Qui suis-je

 - Talking about yourself

Le temps de loisirs – freetime

Jours ordinaires, jours de ftes – daily life and celebrations

De la ville la champagne – region and town

Le grand large …


Consolidation and catch up

Year 11

Au collge – school life

Bon travail- the world of work

Un oeil sur le monde – world affairs

Revision, consolidation and catch up

Exams and exam prep


100% exam at the end of Year 11.

25% speaking
25% writing
25% listening and
25% reading

Studying a language at Key Stage 4 has numerous benefits. In addition to being an EBacc subject, GCSE French is highly sought after by employers and universities.