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Prince William School

KS5 curriculum

The A Level music course will be following the WJEC EDUQAS course from September 2016.    

The WJEC Eduqas specification is designed to allow students to pursue their own musical interests.  Students develop skills in the three distinct but related disciplines of performing, composing and appraising, whilst having flexibility to specialise in either performing or composing. Learners may choose to apportion 10% of their assessment to either performing or composing as an in-depth study.
The WJEC Eduqas specification is designed to offer contrast and breadth as well as depth of study. Learners will engage with both classical and popular music.
All students will study the development of the symphony, engaging with landmark orchestral repertoire, which is important in developing knowledge and understanding of musical elements and language in context. Students will use the musical language of this period to compose one piece of music to a brief.

Learners will also choose one area of study from Pop and Rock, Musical Theatre and Jazz and one further area of study exploring the musical language and styles from either the early twentieth century or the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Component 1: Performing (25-35%)
Students are required to perform for 6-12 minutes on their main instrument as a soloist or ensemble or a mixture of both.  This component is examined by a visiting examiner at the end of Year 12/13

Component 2: Composing (25-35%)
Students are required to compose two-three compositions which last a total of 4-10 minutes.  One composition is set to a brief from the exam board.  This component forms part of the non-examined assessment (coursework).

Component 3: Appraising  (40%)
Students will learn about the following 3 areas of study, culminating in a 2 hour 15min exam at the end of course

The  three areas of study are designed to develop knowledge and understanding of music through the study of a variety of genres and styles in a wider context.

1.          The Western Classical Tradition -  The Development of the Symphony

2.          Choose one of the following:

•         Pop and Rock

•         Musical Theatre

•         Jazz

3.          Choose one of the following:

•         Into the Twentieth Century - the music of Poulenc and Debussy

•         Into the Twenty-first Century - he music of living composers