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Physics is one of the most challenging and the most exciting subject Post-16 has to offer.  Want to measure the speed of sound in air to 98% accuracy? Fancy practically determining the wavelength of laser light by measuring a few lengths and angles?  Interested in measuring absolute zero in the laboratory?  Then A Level physics is the subject for you.

Walk the footsteps of Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Higgs.  Challenge yourself to delve examine energy and matter at the quantum level, and spend your time thinking and discussing fundamental questions about the Universe.

Students need to be highly committed, and willing to put in an Outstanding Effort to achieve well.

  • Exam structure / weightings

There are three exams at the end of Year 13, these are worth 30%, 30% and 40% respectively. All three can draw on any topic within the syllabus, with the third, longest exam being most likely to ask questions about the core practicals in the A Level syllabus.

  • Career Opportunities

A Level Physics is both challenging and desirable to a wide breadth of University courses, and sectors of commerce and industry. Achieving well in Physics shows that you can cope with high levels of challenge and pressure, it shows that you can handle academic rigour.

Obvious careers would be engineering, scientific research and medicine, however others include such creative subjects as Architecture and games design.


Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Year 12

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Mechanics Taught through the context of sports.

The sound of Music

Waves in the context of music

Good Enough to Eat

Material Properties in the context of the food industry

Technology in Space

Current Electricity in the context of space exploration

Digging Up the Past

A plethora of scanning technologies linking parts of the specification

Spare Part Surgery

Medical science covering optics, EM radiation and materials.

Year 13

Transport on Track

Further Mechanics and Electric Motors in trains

The Medium is the Message

Communications industry is the context for more waves exploration

Probing the Heart of Matter

Particle Physics and all the mechanics of fundamental Physics

Build or Bust

Simple harmonic motion and is taught through earthquakes and building design

Reach for the Stars

Nuclear Physics, Stellar Evolution and measuring the universe is taught by gazing at the stars


Please click this link to view the full course specification.