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Prince William School

Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Welcome to Prince William School, Sixth Form. We are passionate about learning, achievement and in providing a wide range of experiences for our young people to prepare them for the world beyond school. Our vision is to create an innovative learning environment in which all staff and students are learning and developing, one that is always striving towards – and pushing beyond - the highest of expectations.

Our excellent year teams link the need to support young people through any difficulties and challenges in order to overcome barriers to learning and ensure the core purpose of learning and achievement is not forgotten. Some of the biggest challenges sixth form students must come to terms with when moving into sixth form are; the expectation of taking personal responsibility for learning, increased subject specialist understanding and the realisation that university, work or training is just on the horizon.

Here at Prince William School, we recognise the need to prepare the next generation of adults for what the world has to offer them. Prepare them to be enterprising, creative and confident but above all, successful. Success for learning. Success in competition. Success in our personal aims. This focus means that we achieve success in many areas; including school results, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, nationally recognised musicians, winning in sports at district and national level and through being frequent competitors in a wide range of events. We also learn that although we aim to succeed, there are times when we may not. The key is to dust ourselves off and tackle the next challenge with the aim of succeeding next time.

We encourage our young people to dare to dream through the setting of aspirational targets, recognising success in its many guises through celebration and in developing and promoting student leadership to encourage future students to reach even further. I hope you choose to join Prince William Sixth Form and Dare to Dream what your future may hold.

Elizabeth Dormor