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Our vision and values

At Prince William School, we believe that learning is for life: life-enhancing, life-changing and life-long. 

As a school we are committed to providing a relevant, meaningful and enjoyable curriculum which is accessible to all and complimented by enriching extra-curricular opportunities. 

We aim to ensure all students have high expectations of themselves and are supported to be able to meet, and even exceed, those aspirations.

We expect them to be aspirational, self-motivated, hard-working, resilient, respectful of others, and to develop the skills they need to for the adult world of work.

These principles are summed up in The Prince William Way:

  • be respectful of everyone in the school,
  • be on time,
  • have planners and equipment out on the desk every lesson,
  • allow everyone to learn
  • be open to new or different learning activities,
  • try, keep trying; and in trying, accept that it is OK to get it wrong,
  • respond positively to feedback and advice,
  • be honest about what they understand and what they need more help with,
  • prepare for their future by developing their key skills,
  • become an independent learner for life.
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