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Art and Design offers students the opportunity to develop their creative and artistic expertise by exploring and investigating the work of a variety of Artists and trialling a variety of media as they produce their own final outcomes. Creativity is a valuable transferrable asset that can enable students to tackle all types of issues.


During Years 7, 8 and 9, students will be working through projects designed to build up their art techniques, skills and processes knowledge, experience and understanding. Students will be given the opportunity to work with a wide variety of materials through which they can explore the various elements of Art and Design including colour, line, tone, texture, shape and pattern. They will have opportunities to work with watercolour and acrylic paints, pastels, pencils and crayons, clay and printing techniques, developing their confidence with these media. They will be taught how to critically analyse and appreciate the work of a variety of professional international artists and encouraged to try out different ways of working.

Year Group Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Year 7

Drawing data test

Theme: Still Life

Potential Outcome:Mixed Media Still Life composition

Still Life continued

Theme: Immediate Environment

Potential Outcome: Relief piece inspired by the Boyle family

  Cycle 4 Cycle 5 Cycle 6
Year 7 Immediate Environment continued

Theme: Stained glass windows

Potential Outcome: black paper and tissue stained glass window

Stained glass windows continued


Year Group Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Year 8

Drawing data test

Theme: Portrait

Potential Outcome:

Painted self-portrait in an artist’s style

Portrait continued

Theme: Pop Art

Potential Outcome: 3d packaging/biscuits

  Cycle 4 Cycle 5 Cycle 5
Year 8 Pop Art continued


Potential Outcome: Foreground, middle ground, background relief painting

Perspective continued


Year Group Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Year 9

Drawing data test

Theme: Gargoyles

Potential Outcome: Clay gargoyle

Gargoyles continued


Potential Outcome:

Extension of Chagall piece

  Cycle 4 Cycle 5 Cycle 6
Year 9 Dreamscapes continued

Theme: Colour

Potential Outcome: Abstract composition

Colour continued



GCSE Art and Design provides students with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in ways that are both personally relevant and developmental in nature. They will be guided through the course and supported through their studies, beginning at the start of Year 10 and completing it at the end of Year 11.

The course enables students to develop their ability to actively engage in the processes of Art and Design – to build creative skills through learning and doing, to develop imaginative and intuitive ways of working and develop knowledge and understanding of media, materials and technologies in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures.

Within each art project they will begin with an overall title and produce a series of portfolio pages; mind mapping, collecting primary and secondary images, critical analysis of artists and artworks, observational drawing, material experimentation, techniques and processes, composition, developing ideas and finally culminating in a final piece based on the title. Students will be encouraged to explore a range of media and techniques in a creative and skilful manner. Students are also encouraged to visit galleries and exhibitions to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their art work.


Students will produce three portfolio projects for the coursework portfolio (60%) and then a final externally set examination piece (40%)


A Level Art and Design Fine Art builds on those skills and concepts covered in the GCSE course but allows students to develop and extend their own particular strengths and artistic styles.

The A Level is assessed by a personal investigation worth 60% of the final grade and a 15 hour externally set assignment worth the remaining 40%.

Studying Art and Design can lead to a variety of Career Opportunities from architect, graphic designer, fashion and textile design, set designer, florist, artist, jewellery design, sculptor and illustrator. Students frequently continue their Art studies at foundation and degree level at many of the Art colleges and Universities in the UK.

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