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Sixth Form Admissions

Entry to the Sixth Form at Prince William School is based on a series of criteria that students may achieve in Year 11. Individual subjects have their own entry criteria, which students are required to make themselves aware of when considering the subjects that they wish to take.

The Sixth Form Team will actively work with Year 11 students to ensure that they are able to continue their education at a Post 16 level, but the criteria laid out in the admissions policy are strictly adhered to as they are in place to ensure that students do not start courses on which they are unlikely to be successful.

Students in Year 11 at Prince William School will need to apply formally for a place in the Sixth Form. Career, Advice and Information interviews will be conducted in order to fully support students and the Post 16 Team will examine subject choices and offer further guidance, should the need arise. Students will receive confirmation that their application has been successful.

The school will admit students from outside the traditional Prince William School catchment into Year 12. The maximum number of admissions for external candidates is 30. Entry requirements for courses are the same as those for internal applicants. In the event that there are more than 30 external applicants consideration will be given to the proximity of the applicant’s home to the college as measured in a straight line.

Students entering Prince William School Sixth Form will be expected to read and sign a learning agreement which outlines the commitment required to be successful in Post 16 study and the support that students can expect to receive from Prince William School staff. In addition, Sixth Form students must recognise that they are part of a large community and have a responsibility to abide by our dress code and conduct themselves in a manner that supports the Prince William School’s ethos.



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