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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Prince William School focuses on the qualities and skills learners need in order to be successful in school and beyond in later life. We wish our students to make a positive contribution within a modern British society. For this to be a reality the curriculum should help students to:

  • Develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and a world of rapid and continuous technological change
  • Have sound numeracy and literacy skills
  • Develop personal and moral values, respect for shared values and for other cultures, religions and ways of life
  • Develop an understanding of the world in which they live and appreciate human achievements and aspirations and take their place in society as informed, confident and responsible citizens

The school currently follows a three-year Key Stage 3 model with students choosing their option subjects at the end of Year 9. This is then followed by a two-year Key Stage 4 and a two-year Key Stage 5 programme of study where students currently have a free option choice for their GCSE and A level courses. The curriculum is organised within 50 periods per timetable cycle of two weeks, where each period is of one-hour length.

Curriculum planning takes account of the needs of all students; we monitor and evaluate the appropriateness of the curriculum each year to ensure that it is fit for purpose for all of our students. The review also considers national curriculum development, as required by the Government. We offer a wide range of courses that are best matched to the needs of our students. Students will be offered courses that the school considers will be valuable to students’ future career plans.,

Choice and flexibility of courses is an important element in the design of the curriculum; it is reviewed annually so as to provide the most appropriate offer for every student’s needs. Where appropriate a student’s best interests may be served by offering alternative provision, either in terms of personalising the student’s curriculum within the school or by using external providers to offer educational opportunities where necessary.

Prince William School’s extra-curricular activities enrich further a student’s experience and we actively encourage all students to participate in a wide range of opportunities that the school offers throughout the year.


All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their Key Stage Three programme of study. The curriculum offered at Key Stage Three builds upon the knowledge, understanding and skills taught at primary school. Where the school feels that it is appropriate some students may be supported in the Nurture group.

Year 7-9
Students are taught in classes setted by English for:
Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Religious Studies
Students are taught in classes setted by Mathematics for:
Computer Science
Students are taught in classes setted by Modern Foreign Languages for:
Food and Nutrition
Students will be in single sex classes for PE lessons
Citizenship and careers advice guidance will be delivered through tutor time, assemblies, visiting speakers and drop down activity days as well as through PSHE lessons



The knowledge and skills that our students gain in Key Stage 3 is further developed at Key Stage Four, as students are prepared for public examinations at the end of year 11.

Year 10 Year 11
All students will study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (double award or the three separate subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics), core Physical Education, RE and PSHE All students will study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (double award or the three separate subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography or History, core Physical Education, RE and PSHE
Students will then choose four options subjects. Currently these are: Students will then choose three options subjects. Currently these are:
Art Art
ASDAN Business Studies (GCSE and BTEC)
Business Studies (GCSE and BTEC) Computer Science
Computer Science Dance
Dance Design
Design Drama
Drama Food and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition French
French Geography
Geography History
History Music
Music and Music Technology BTEC Physical Education
BTEC Physical Education Spanish
Religious Studies Textiles



Prince William School Sixth Form is a traditional “Three A level option” Sixth Form and we currently offer A levels and Level 3 qualifications in the following subjects:

Choices of courses are always dependent on student uptake and entry into the Sixth Form is via successful completion of GCSEs and meeting the subject specific entry criteria for each of the chosen A levels.

In Year 12, the majority of our students will study 3 A levels and supplement this course of study with any of the following:

  • Work Experience
  • The Extended Project Qualification
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Community Sports Leadership Award
  • Service to the school

Students in Year 13 will focus on their chosen course of A levels with more curriculum time being provided to each of their A level in order to support student progress.

We believe that students who wish to apply to universities, high level apprenticeships or employment have a greater chance of success if they can demonstrate a more holistic approach to their education than just qualifications. To enable this, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the life of the school and join extra-curricular activities, take leadership roles and act as role models for students in the main school. Students are supported in moving along their intended pathways post 18 we provide students with a package of career advice and guidance which is delivered through the Year Team and tutors so that students are encouraged and supported in their personal development and academic progress in preparing them for the future.

For further details please see separate Curriculum Department section on this website or contact the Vice Principal with responsibility for curriculum, timetable and exams:

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